District Attorney

Mission Statement

Through leadership, the Office of the District Attorney of Cumberland County will ensure that justice is done in a fair, effective and efficient manner.  

Cumberland County District Attorney's Office Seal


  • Pursuant to 71 Pa.C.S.A. 732-206, as Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Cumberland County, the District Attorney will investigate and prosecute all crimes regardless of lack of resources of other criminal justice agencies.
  • The District Attorney will ensure that all victims of crime are represented as required by the Crime Victims Bill of Rights, 18 Pa.C.S.A. ' 11.101, and that their authorized, legal claims for restitution are processed.
  • The District Attorney will ensure that all persons arrested for criminal offenses are processed in order to establish identity, prior criminal record, and mental health impact and thereby facilitate valid bail consideration and outstanding arrest warrant status.
  • Realizing the cost and redundancy of each local law enforcement agency attempting to provide forensic services, the District Attorney will lead County efforts to provide fundamental forensic services in the fields of digital imagery, drug testing, blood alcohol testing and computerized fingerprint analysis.
  • Understanding that crime prevention is a worthy endeavor, the District Attorney will continue aggressive use of diversion programs such as Day Reporting and continue to support education programs in our schools.

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