Nomination Petitions

A nomination petition is the method in which a registered democrat or republican get their name on a primary ballot.
Nomination petition packets for school, local and county offices can be picked up in our office approximately 1 month prior to the circulation period. These forms are not available online. (Third party candidates have a different process in which to have their name appear on the ballot. Please contact our office for further information, 717.240.6385.)

General Instructions

  • All blank spaces that appear at the top of the front page of each nomination petition must be completed before signatures are obtained.
  • Each office has a required number of signatures to have your name placed on the ballot. Signature Requirements
  • Do not obtain signatures before the first legal day to circulate and file nomination petitions.
  • Type or print the name of the candidate on the front and back of the petition exactly as the candidate wants it to appear on the ballot.
    • Candidates who wish to use names other than a derivative of their legal name must execute a Name Change Request Form.


  • Each signer must be a registered elector in the same political party (except MDJ) and political district referred to in the petition.
  • Each signer must personally insert the information requested on the petition.
    • This includes: signature, residence as it appears on their voter registration, municipality name and date of signing.
    • All information must be complete to be accepted by the Bureau of Elections
  • Each signer may sign petitions for as many candidates for each office as they are permitted to vote for.
  • Ditto (") marks are prohibited.

Petition Affidavits

  • The Affidavit of Circulator on each petition must be completed by the circulator after each petition is circulated.
    • The circulator must be a registered elector in the same political party as the petition they are circulating. (except MDJ) 
    • The date signed must be the same or later than the date of the last signature.
  • The Candidate's Affidavit must be completed by the candidate and notarized.
    • The notarization date must be between filing dates.

Place and Time of Filing

Petitions for school, local and county offices must be filed with the Cumberland County Bureau of Elections by the end of regular business hours, 4:30 pm at:

1601 Ritner Highway
Suite 201
Carlisle, PA 17013