Sheriff's Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales scheduled for December 02, 2020, are ALL Continued to January 06, 2021 at 10 a.m. per administrative order by President Judge Guido. 

Sheriff Sale of Real Estate will be held on the 3rd Floor of the Main Courthouse in the Jury Assembly Room at 10 AM. 
Only those that register and sign the terms and conditions of the sale will be permitted into the Jury Assembly Room. 
Please do not bring guests as we only have limited seating due to social distancing guidelines. (there will not be any seats beside each other)
Guests that do attend or those that simply want to watch the sale will be asked to go to 20 N. Hanover St. Suite 105 on the 1st Floor (Buisness Central Building) to view the sale via live stream video on a projection screen.

Notice: Advanced Costs for Sheriff's Sale Real Estate

Advanced costs for Sheriff's Sale Real Estate has changed to $2,500 effective immediately and Realty Transfer Taxes will be taken out of the successful bidders final bid.


Document requirements for a Real Estate Sale:
  1. Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Service Request form - one form for each service containing an individual contact name other than that of the filing Attorney.
  2. Copy of Affidavit 3129.1 (affidavit of lien holders and last known addresses)
  3. Original Writ of Execution (this is provided by Prothonotary's Office).
  4. Three certified copies of Writ of Execution per defendant (these are provided by Prothonotary's Office).
  5. Four Notices of Sale (with copy of legal description attached to each) per defendant.
  6. One paper and One Electronic copy of legal description for advertising.  The electronic copy must be be emailed to in WORD format at the time of filing.
  7. Self-addressed stamped envelope to return to Attorney's Office
  8. Stamped, Addressed Envelope to each defendant (In addition to any envelope requirements for the Prothonotary's Office)
  9. Deposit of $2500.00 payable to The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.