Allen Road/Ritner Highway Campus

The Allen Road/Ritner Highway Campuses are located within a mile of each other and are composed of the following departments. 

Allen Road Main

•   Conservation District
•   Facilities Management
•   Penn State Cooperative Extension
•   Planning Commission
•   Recycling & Waste
•   Vector Control/Weights and Measures 

Allen Road Annex

•   Archives (Historical Records) 

1601 Ritner Highway

•   Bureau of Elections 
•   Bus and County Vehicle Garage
•   Forensic Garage
•   Rabbit Transit - formerly Cumberland County Transportation 

1615 Ritner Highway

• MH-IDD (Mental Health-Intellectual Developmental Disabilities)

Mailing Address

Please note that mailing addresses may be different from the physical location of the buildings mentioned above.  Please check with the department for the appropriate mailing address.