Who We Are and What We Do

Mission Statement

The Cumberland County Planning Department’s mission is to partner with our urban, suburban, and rural communities to implement plans that promote economic development, provide more housing and transportation choices, and protect clean air, land, and water.

Organizational Structure

As authorized by Section 201 of the Municipalities Planning Code, Cumberland County has both a Planning Commission and a Planning Department.  The Cumberland County Planning Commission is comprised of nine County residents, providing representation from all areas of the County.  Members are appointed by the County Commissioners to serve for a term of four years.  The Cumberland County Planning Department includes the 6-member staff that executes the technical planning program as directed by the Planning Commission and Cumberland County Board of Commissioners.  The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance (pdf) that created the organizational structure and specifically outlines the duties and responsibilities assigned to each planning agency.



The activities and programs of the Cumberland County Planning Commission are summarized through the link below.

Cumberland County Planning Commission Overview (pdf)

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