Municipal Waste Management Plan

Under Pennsylvania's Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (Act 101 of 1988), counties have a responsibility to develop and implement municipal waste management plans (WMP). A key component of a County WMP is to "insure the availability of adequate permitted processing and disposal capacity for the municipal waste which is generated within its boundaries."
2013 WMP Cover.jpg
In Cumberland County's case, this is accomplished by contracting with facilities for disposal capacity. Requests for Proposals for Disposal Capacity resulted in disposal facilities being identified in the WMP as facilities that have capacity to accept Cumberland County generated municipal waste. This is Cumberland County's way of assuring municipal waste generated within the county has a place to go.

Disposal capacity is normally provided for a ten year period. New capacity arrangements and a revised plan are required at the expiration of the existing capacity agreements. In conjunction with Nestor Resources, Cumberland County recently completed a WMP revision. The revision was adopted by the County Commissioners on November 12, 2013. The WMP is provided below, both as individual sections and as one entire document. 
Cumberland County Municipal Waste Management Plan Minor Update & Revision November 2015

* Cumberland County, through the plan revision process, has eliminated the transporter registration requirement included in the 2013 Plan and has outlined staffing and internal structure changes implemented since the 2013 Plan was adopted.  The revision was done as an appendix to the 2013 Plan.

Cumberland County Municipal Waste Management Plan Update & Revision November 2013