Nutrient Management Program

Nutrient Management Act

The Nutrient Management Act is the first law in Pennsylvania to regulate oversight of nutrient plans on certain farms. Prior to the Act being signed into law, problems with nutrient pollution were administered under the Clean Streams Law which dealt only with surface waters.  The Clean Streams Law applies to ALL farms using manure. Act 38 imposes additional requirements on high-density animal operations or Concentrated Animal Operations (CAOs).

A farm is determined to be a CAO when the animal density exceeds 2 animal units per acre on an annualized basis (AEU). An animal unit is defined as 1000 pounds of animal live weight. Farms with a total of less than 8 AEU's are not required to implement an approved nutrient management plan regardless of the animal density on the farm.

Nutrient management is an effective tool that benefits not only the farmer, but the environment as well.

To discuss how a nutrient management plan can benefit your operation or for questions concerning nutrient management, please contact:

  1. Dylan Varner

    Nutrient Management Specialist
    Phone: 717.240.5360

Financial and Technical Assistance

The Cumberland County Conservation District and NRCS administers a variety of cost-share programs to assist in the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP's) to control nutrients and soil erosion on farms. To determine the best program for your project, please contact the Conservation District at 717-240-7812 or NRCS at 717-249-1037.

The Conservation District and NRCS continue to offer technical assistance to Cumberland County farmers free of charge, even if they do not participate in our cost share programs.