Vietnam War Commemorative Medal

The presentation ceremony was conducted on April 30, 2005 at the Carlisle Theater.  Attendance was great! The theater was at maximum capacity with almost 400 Vietnam veterans receiving the Commemorative Medal and family and friends looking on.  Thanks to the Carlisle Theater for the use of their facility. It was perfect especially given the weather that day. Also, thanks to the Board of Commissioners for striking the medal to honor our Vietnam veterans. And thanks to all our Vietnam Veterans and their families for attending.  A listing of all Cumberland County Vietnam residents who have applied for the medal can be viewed at Vietnam Medal_Recipients. Resident Cumberland County Vietnam Veterans who have not yet applied for the Commemorative Medal may do so either in person at our office at 18 N. Hanover Street, Suite 103 or obtain an application at link below.

Cumberland County Vietnam War Commemorative Medal

          The Cumberland County Commissioners have approved a commemorative medal to honor the Vietnam War service of Cumberland County veterans. The medal will be presented at ceremonies throughout the county to eligible veterans. Ceremonies will begin this summer. Vietnam veterans are encouraged to apply at their earliest convenience as the initial procurement of medals is for 5,000. To be eligible a veteran must be a current resident of Cumberland County, possess an Honorable discharge, and have served in Vietnam or the surrounding waters/countries in support of operations. Proof of Vietnam service is award of the Republic of Vietnam Service Medal or the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal as designated on the veteran’s DD Form 214. Personnel without these awards may present orders verifying in-country service as proof. The period of wartime service is February 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975. Eligible Vietnam veterans must submit an application and a copy of their DD Form 214 and proof of eligibility to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, 18 N. Hanover Street, Suite 103, Carlisle, PA or FAX to 240-6570.
Cumberland County Vietnam War Commemorative Medal Application (PDF)